About Us

Aurolab was established in 1992 as a non-profit charitable trust for manufacturing ophthalmic consumables. While they entered the field with the production of high quality Intraocular Lens (IOL) by making them available to patients in India at a fraction of the cost of imported IOLs, they have since diversified into related health care areas where its existing capabilities can be leveraged, such as cardiovascular sutures, microsurgical hand sutures, antiseptics and disinfectant solutions.

Aurolab products comply with US FDA, EU GMP, WHO GMP norms and are exported to more than 150 countries worldwide with a focus on markets like Africa, Latin and Central America and Southeast Asia.

Aurolab envisages entering developed markets on the strength of its product quality and as a strategic means to cross subsidized products in needy markets.

Our Management Team

Dr. Balakrishnan

In today’s world of bottom-line driven businesses it is hard to find an organization that puts the mission ahead of money; especially when the mandate is a social mission of making modern ophthalmic technologies affordable to common man in developing countries.

Aurolab is one such unique organization that has pursued its mission with an undiluted purity of purpose. This on one hand has revolutionized the pace at which new technologies that improve eye care are adopted in developing countries and on the other hand has helped Aurolab grow from its humble beginnings to what it is today – over 750 employed, a rapidly growing product portfolio, state-of-art manufacturing facility and a market that spans 140+ countries.

Aurolab has also made a major stride in its own capabilities. To start with Aurolab excelled in execution and improving upon the technology acquired from elsewhere. Today Aurolab develops a lot of the new products either on its own or with external inputs, fully managed by them. As the field continuously evolves, fulfilling its mission will be an ongoing journey and Aurolab is prepared more than ever to meet the challenges, sitting firmly in the driver’s seat.

Mr R.D. Thulasiraj
President- Aurolab Trust
Director Operations - AECS, Executive Director – LAICO

Aurolab was born out of a mission to eliminate needless blindness beyond what the Aravind eye hospital does. In the last 25 years it has reached out to millions of people and has been part of the solution for their vision problems. The next twenty five years need to be built on the foundation that we have. With the population in the world growing and ageing a lot more people need affordable quality eye care.

Aurolab should continuously strive to bring innovative and affordable solutions to complex problems in eye care.I take this opportunity to congratulate every staff member present and past who have contributed to this great mission. A long promising journey ahead for Aurolab.

Dr. Aravind Srinivasan
Secretary - Aurolab Trust
Director Projects- AECS

In the late 1980’s the implantation of the intra ocular lenses (IOL) following cataract removal as an alternative to aphakic spectacles gained acceptance as the procedure of choice in the developed countries. Dr.G.Venkataswamy realised the benefits of IOLs strongly felt that it was the right option for the people undergoing cataract surgery in developing countries, where a majority of the rural people are engaged in agricultural activities and those operated often don’t have aphakic spectacles for various reasons. As the imported IOLs were expensive and unaffordable to those who were poor, Dr.V strongly felt the need for affordable IOLs in India and that dream become true in 1992 with the setting up of Aurolab in the Aravind Eye Hospital premises. From then onwards, Aurolab has grown with the vision of making available all those that are required for eye surgery at a price affordable to the common man. With initial diversification to sutures later onto Pharma products and blades, Aurolab is now focused on developing the required hardware for eye surgery like phacoemulsifier and also in investigation devices like OCT and auto refractors. Aurolab’s low cost Keratoprosthesis and glaucoma drainage devices are the only low cost alternatives for such products across the world. The strength of Aurolab is the commitment of its staff to bring out excellence in all aspects of work and the vision of Aurolab to make good quality products at an affordable price has made it a global brand, being used in over 140 countries.

Over 20 million people across the world have benefitted by Aurolab IOLs and many more millions through other products. We wish Aurolab all the strength to continue to innovate and remain committed to their vision of eliminating needless blindness by making high quality ophthalmic products available to vision impaired worldwide.

Dr. R.D. Ravindran
Chairman - AECS
Director Quality – AECS

Aurovue DFine is the only multifocal IOL available in the market that has been developed keeping in mind the bright and sunny tropical conditions. Energy distribution with these IOLs has been uniquely Engineered for tropical conditions. Also, the symmetric diffractive optics technology has been chosen over refractive to provide pupil independent multifocal performance and to minimize visual disturbances due to IOL decentration and tilt. Add power choice of 3.0D is to provide good near reading while minimizing waxy vision reported with higher add powers. Clinical validation of these IOLs have backed our claims. Visual outcomes are extremely good with these IOLs and patients living in tropical conditions, like in India, would hugely benefit from these IOLs

Mr. RD Sriram
Managing Director

Twenty five years ago when the discussion to setup Aurolab was in full swing, what interested me to support the project was the sheer fact that it would bring down the price of IOLs, making them affordable to the common man. Now as I look back, it is really cherishing to see how Aurolab revolutionised the field of cataract surgery by introducing a wide variety of IOLs. Initiatives taken by Aurolab in introducing niche products in the market, are truly laudable. It was such a bold step when many big companies were hesitant to do for want of profit margin.

I am happy to see that from just an IOL manufacturing division, Aurolab has diversified to manufacture all essential ophthalmic supplies and indigenous equipment. I wish the team great success in all its endeavours which ultimately benefit the larger patient community.