Dfine For Doctors

Aurovue Dfine provides the ophthalmologist an option to give his/her patients spectacle free vision post cataract surgery. Due to the precise manufacturing and the design to suit tropical conditions, surgeons can confidently recommend Aurovue Dfine to their patients leading to high level of patient satisfaction.


Aurovue Dfine is fabricated as a single unit, preloaded hydrophobic acrylic, apodized diffractive multifocal intraocular lens designed to provide precise vision across near, Intermediate and distance vision to the patients.
The Aurovue Dfine IOL has been developed through dedicated research by specialists in the fields of optics and multifocal IOL design. Aurovue Dfine is also the only Multifocal IOL in the world that has undergone the largest ever clinical trial - with over 100 patients receiving bilateral implants, to test the efficacy of this product.
Key Attributes

Designed with precision in sight